Notary Dorset.

If you have any documents for use abroad that have to be sealed or signed in the UK by or on behalf of a company or by an individual, where a witness is required, you will need to use a Notary, or Notary Public, not simply a solicitor.

We will advise on the documents and legalisation requirements relevant to the particular country, whatever your notarial requirement.

The Notaries signature and seal will verify to the authorities in that country that the relevant checks have been carried out. A Notary can authenticate or legalise any document, the most common of which are;

  • Passports
  • Educational Certificates
  • Documents relating to the status and activities of a company or the identity of its directors
  • Dealing with purchase or sale of land and property abroad
  • Preparing and authenticating Powers or Attorney to use abroad
  • Authenticating foreign wills and providing documents to deal with the administration of the estates of people who are abroad, or owning property abroad

A notarial certificate is usually prepared, which is legalised by an ‘apostille’, an official certificate issued to documents so they will be recognised in member states without further Legalisation.

The costs involved will vary depending on the amount of time involved and the nature of the particular activity, plus any legalisation costs required, either by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office or by the foreign embassy or consulate.

We can normally provide an estimate in advance, assuming sufficient detailed information is available to us stating what is being required of the client from the overseas contact, whether lawyers, bank, estate agents or other agencies.

Formerly at Laceys, Simon Nightingale, has been a Notary Public since 1985, has gained a wide range of experience in all aspects of notarial work.

If you require verification of any documents or would just like some advice please contact Simon and he will be able to help.